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Special Forces Sniper Bivy Cover Tent. Military Olive. Military Bivy Bag.


This bivy cover, one person sniper tent was designed to support covert operations behind enemy lines. It is very lightweight and compact. At the same time, it's durable, breathable, and extremely ergonomic. It can be used in every condition outdoors. Additionally, the tent is low profile, in olive color, and is compliant with IR (infrared) absorption military requirements. A great advantage when stealth and additional protection from night vision devices is required.




-Gore-Tex® breathable material. The ingenious solution, greatly reducing water condensation problem, present in many commercial bivy covers. It significantly enhances temperature preservation.


-Waterproof flaps, covering all zip locks. Designed in a way to cover them, even if you forget to fasten them correctly due to fatigue or other factors. Making you extra safe from leakage.


-Can be fully opened in the front. Allowing you to observe the target/object from the comfort of the tent, without having to worry about weather conditions.


-Two mosquito nets in both openings of the tent. A great feature allowing you to protect yourself from insects when observing the target/object or when sleeping/resting.


-Quick, light, and strong assembly poles. Allow you to assemble and disassemble the tent quickly. They also provide a very needed separation between you and the surface of the tent. Greatly improving comfort and thermal effectiveness.


The set includes:

- Military bivy bag

- Two fast assembly poles

- Compression bag


This special forces sniper bivy cover tent is the perfect solution for military enthusiasts, survivalists, bushcrafters, preppers, hikers, and anyone who ventures into the wild. The tent's small weight and size makes it also great for mountain trips. Especially because it uses low area when assembled, which is very helpful in finding a place to sleep in non-flat terrain.


The bivy sniper, gore tex sleeping bag cover tent is new and unused. It comes straight from the military warehouses of our direct military suppliers. Please bear with potential signs of long-term storage in military warehouse conditions. We additionally inspect every piece before shipping. Its universal olive color makes them suitable for tactical use in most wooded areas. 


Quality comparable with civilian products ranging from $600 – $800. For example Hilleberg, Yama, or Black Diamond.


It is manufactured in the European Union to the highest military standards. Currently, It is being used exclusively by the Special Forces of several EU countries.


Excellent deal, don't wait!


Special Forces Gore-Tex Sniper Military Bivy Bag. IR Compliant. Olive

    • Material: Gore-Tex®
    • Weight: 3.5 lbs
    • Length: 95.5"
    • Witdh: 29.5"
    • Dimensions when packed: 14" x 5"
    • Infra red absobtion: Yes
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, you can return it and get a refund minus operational and shipping costs, or exchange it for another one, be it similar or not. 

    Bear in mind that the return process will take a long time due to the long distances of import. Between 2 and 4 weeks. We strongly advise responsible purchases.