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Special Forces Modular Military Backpack Transport System


This backpack is designed to meet the highest standards of elite military forces. The backpack is versatile, compact, and can be configured according to the needs. To manufacture this backpack, the best materials were used. Cordura 1100D, very strong polyamide, and durable buckles make this backpack reliable in every situation. Many well-organized chambers, pockets, and straps make it possible to transport the equipment in many configurations.




-Very thick distancing foams and comfort pads both on the shoulder and waist straps. It makes the backpack very comfortable, even when it's heavy. Also, it reduces sweating which is extremely important in cold weather.


-Two 8L pouches on the sides. Gives you an option to have access to more of your essential equipment right away. 


-Removable 10L pouch on the back. It can serve as a separate, escape pack. Can be quickly detached if there is a need to retreat quickly only with essentials. 


-Semi adjustable system (SAS). Makes it possible to adjust the position of the main chamber of the backpack to shoulder and waist straps, greatly increasing comfort.


-25mm MOLLE system on every side of the backpack. Makes it possible to attach pouches, holsters, additional bags of any kind. 


-Additional straps on top, sides, and bottom. Allows you to attach sleeping mats, ropes, or mountain equipment.


-Rubber straps on top. You can use them to hold your external clothing. Very useful if you have to adjust your layers of clothing according to rapidly changing conditions.


-Top of the backpack is equipped with two additional pockets. External and internal. Another feature allowing you to organize your gear even better.


-Compressing fastener on top of the main chamber. Great feature, allowing you to compress the contents of the backpack, to be able to significantly reduce its size after closing.


-Specially designed space for a hydration system in the main chamber. Designed to reduce the chance of your water bladder to by punctured by other equipment.


-Duraflex Warrior and National Molding Stealth buckles. Almost indestructible, allows you to rely on them in every situation.


-The main chamber can be accessed from the bottom. A very useful feature, especially for using your sleeping system, without destroying the order of the rest of your equipment.


This Special Forces Backpack Transport System is the perfect solution for military enthusiasts, survivalists, bushcrafters, hikers, and anyone who ventures into the wild.


The backpack is 100% new. Its universal olive color makes it suitable for tactical equipment and clothing of any camouflage pattern.


Quality comparable with civilian products ranging from $500 – $700. For example Arc’teryx, The North Face, or Mammut.


It is manufactured in the European Union to the highest military standards. Currently, It is being used exclusively by the Special Forces of several EU countries.


Excellent deal, don't wait!

Special Forces 60L Military Backpack - Raid Pack

    • Weight: 6.2 lbs
    • Capacity: 60L + 2 x 8L side pouches + 1 x 10L back pouch
    • Material: Cordura 1100D
    • 25mm Molle system material: Polyamide

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