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Set of Two Level III Ballistic Plates

Set of Two Level III Ballistic Plates


A set of ballistic plates with bulletproof level three (Level III) front and back. The plates are certified by NIJ (National Institute of Justice). They stop shrapnel, pistol, and rifle bullets.


Anti-ricochet coating (anti-spall). This coating is very important because the bullet does not disappear after hitting the ballistic plate. It breaks into small pieces that scatter along the surface of the plate at a speed similar to that at which the bullet itself was flying. If they hit us in the neck or femoral artery, they will cause serious wounds or death. The anti-ricochet coating is a rubber-like layer in which fragments sink and stay. The anti-ricochet coating in these ballistic plates will withstand 2-3 hits with classic 5.45x39 ammunition close to each other.

Official Level III certification assumes the retention of regular 7.62x39, 5.45x39, 5.56x45, 7.62x51 or 7.62x54 ammunition. These are the calibers for the weapons: AK47, AK74, M4/M16, M14, SWD.

The plate is made of AR500 steel.


Having these ballistic plates provides you with high-class protection against small-arms fire.

The price is for a SET OF TWO BALLISTIC PLATES (front and rear).

Set of Two Level III Ballistic Plates

  • Steel: AR500 Level III or AR620 Level III+

    Dimensions: 10x12 inches (25.4x30.5cm)

    Weight of one plate: 3.12 kg

    Weight of the entire set: 6.24 kg

    Color: Black



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