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ECWCS Army. Military ECWCS. ECWCS Set. Army Cold Weather System. Army Extended Cold Weather Clothing System. Army Jacket.

PTFE Membrane ECWCS Army Set. Forest Camouflage




-Elongated in the lower back. This feature gives you extra protection from the rain, especially when you are having a large backpack with loose strips. The elongation prevents the waist-down area from getting wet.


-Detachable hood. This feature makes this jacket easily convertible to rain/sun conditions.


-The hood is profiled and elongated in the top front. Priceless feature keeping your face protected from severe precipitation in windy conditions.


-Two pockets in the chest area. Very handy when it comes to having quick access to your essentials at any time.


-Two Velcro® fields on the chest. enables you to wear patches, numbers, identifiers, etc.


-Solid Velcro® regulated fastener in the wrist/cuff area. This feature allows you to achieve a snug fit around your wrists that prevents elements from depleting your body heat.


-Adjustable, elastic regulation cords on the waist level. This feature allows you to fit the jacket to your body. Another tool to increase your security from the elements.


-High-quality polar fleece jacket included. The PTFE jacket comes with the polar fleece jacket, which is made with thick polar fleece fibers. It has two internal and two external pockets, insulating, elastic rubbers in the wrist/cuff area, and it is thickened in the neck area to prevent temperature loss. It is also especially strengthened in the areas of shoulders and elbows.




-Thick and warm. It will protect you from heat-loss during harsh conditions.


-Two external pockets. Thanks to them, you can keep your essentials ready and instantly reachable. Pockets are secured with zip fasteners.


-The shoulder and elbow areas are additionally reinforced. It will help you when carrying a heavy backpack or when you have to support yourself with or on your elbows. Additional insulation and comfort.


-The jacket is thickened and around the neck. The Neck area is extremely important when it comes to heat, therefore, the designers put an additional effort to ensure the minimization of any temperature loss from that part of the body.




-Zip fasteners on the full length of the legs. Allowing you to put the trousers on and off effortlessly.


-Enhanced anti-leak system. In addition to the zip fasteners on the legs, an extra flap is added, securing the zip fastener from any leaks. The flap is secured to the vertical hem system with stainless steel buttons. Very durable and easy to operate.


-Great boot-trousers pairing system. Specially designed to prevent external particles from getting into the boot. The system contains Velcro® fasteners and stainless steel buttons. This provides stability and does not require frequent adjusting due to its movement around the boot.


-Elastic, regulated suspenders included. They provide additional support for the user. They prevent the trousers from sagging, therefore preventing potential body heat loss.


-Two pockets secured with zip fasteners. Allowing you to have access to your essentials at any time.


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PTFE Membrane ECWCS Army Set. Forest Camouflage

    • Durable PTFE membrane. Military-grade bad weather PTFE set. Tear and damage resistant. Good under tactical equipment such as plate carriers, vests, chest rigs, etc.
    • Size: L. This set is designed to be employed as outer clothing. It is size flexible to a certain extent. It does not have to perfectly fit the body. The set will be suitable for a person between 5ft 10 in and 6ft 1in.
    • The PTFE parka and trousers are 100% waterproof and windproof.
    • Manufactured in the European Union to the highest military standards.