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Night Vision Monocular Armasight MNVD-51

Armasight MNVD-51 night vision device. Military Night Vision with a Large Field of View – 51 Degrees. 3rd Generation Night Vision. Minimum 1400 FOM.


We present to you one of the newest night vision devices in the world, the Armasight MNVD-51 night vision device (Multipurpose Night Vision Device). The night vision device has the latest type of image sensor (Bravo Ghost Generation 3) - used by elite military units in the USA and around the world. The night vision device has options for manual and automatic image intensification control. The gain will automatically increase the darker it gets and decrease the brighter it gets. We can also correct them manually. The night vision device also has a FLIR rail for mounting on various night vision mounts on a helmet, adapters for mounting on weapon rails, and other equipment (e.g. camera equipment).


The night vision device can be powered by two types of batteries. Classic AA (24 hours of operation time) and CR123 battery (40 hours of operation time). The night vision device also has an infrared illuminator that can illuminate places that have such low lighting (or no lighting at all) that even such a powerful night vision device as the MNVD-51 cannot see well. The night vision device is, of course, waterproof (IP67 level) - it can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Even the heaviest rain or falling into the water is not a problem for it.


The huge advantage of this night vision device over typical US military night vision devices (PVS7 and PVS14) is that it does not have a typical field of view of 40 degrees, but 51 degrees. This is over 25% more. In combat conditions at night, this is in practice a 25% greater chance of survival.


The package contains:


Armasight MNVD-51 night vision device.

Lens hood.

User manual.

Glass cleaning cloth.

Soft bag for carrying night vision goggles.

Night Vision Monocular Armasight MNVD-51

  • Magnification: 1X.

    Color: Black.

    Generation: 3.

    Field of view: 51 degrees.

    Focus range: 0.25m to infinity.

    Power supply: 1 AA battery OR 1 CR123 battery.

    Diopter adjustment: -6 to 2.

    Battery life: 24 hours on an AA battery, 40 hours on a CR123 battery.

    Waterproof level: IP67.

    Operation temperature: -40 to 50 degrees Celsius.

    Length: 114mm. Width: 51mm. Height: 57mm. Weight: 318g.


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