Military Sleeping System. Army Sleep System – Bivy Bag + Sleeping Bag + Mat

Military Sleeping System. Army Sleep System – Bivy Bag + Modular Sleeping Bag + Camping Mat


This Improved Modular Sleep System is the ultimate solution for any conditions and circumstances in the great outdoors. This Army Sleep System includes:

- Military Bivy Bag. Improved Combat Shelter, which is one of the best Cold Weather Military Tents available in the market. This Gore Tex Sleeping Bag Cover will protect you from the elements, provide basic thermal insulation, and much breathability, which will prevent unwanted water condensation inside the Military Tent. Very ergonomic design, compactness, and lightness will provide you with the best possible experience outdoors.

- Military Sleeping Bag System in two options. The first option is the Special Forces Modular Sleep system containing two military sleeping bags in olive color. One with natural down filling and one synthetic. It comes with additional feet protection and a waterproof container bag. The second option is a Military Sleep System containing two separate sleeping bags, both synthetic, and in forest camouflage. In option number two, a mosquito net is included. In the case of both Military Sleeping Bag Systems, one sleeping bag is designed for spring/fall conditions, one for summer conditions, and two of them used at the same time (one put inside another), which are perfect for winter conditions.

- Sleeping Pad in two options. The first option is a Special Forces Self Inflating Sleeping Pad. It is designed to meet the highest standards of insulation properties. It is easily deployable and foldable. Comes with an olive green protective sheath. The second option is a Military Sleeping Pad. Made of high-density foam, it will provide good insulation and is very lightweight. It comes with a forest camouflage protective-compressing sheath. In these two options, you can choose between extreme comfort/insulation and extreme compactness/lightness.



- Gore-Tex® breathable material. The ingenious solution, greatly reducing water condensation problem, present in many commercial sleeping bag covers. It significantly enhances insulation.

- Waterproof flaps, covering all zip locks. Designed in a way to cover them, even if you forget to fasten them correctly due to fatigue or other factors. Making you extra safe from leakage.

- Can be fully opened in the front. Allowing you to observe the target/object from the comfort of the military tent, without having to worry about weather conditions.

- Two mosquito nets in both openings of the tent. A great feature allowing you to protect yourself from insects when observing the target/object or when sleeping/resting.

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- Waterproof bag, securing both parts of the sleeping bag. It guarantees, that you have warm and dry sleeping equipment anytime. Regardless of weather conditions or potential contact of your backpack with water.

- Two feet/boots protectors included. Their purpose is twofold. You can put them on your boots if you wish to sleep wearing them in extremely cold conditions. You can also use them as temporary "socks" when you need to get out of the sleeping bag for a brief time, without having to wear your boots.

- Side diagonal zip. This feature allows you to get out of the sleeping bag quickly when you need to. The design of the zip also makes it easy and quick to deploy your weapon from within the sleeping bag. Especially useful in military/hunting applications.

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- Regulated hood in both sleeping bags. Making sure you are protected from the wind completely. Especially in the most important area which is the head.

- Water-resistant external surface of the sleeping bags. Specially designed to keep you protected from getting the insulation properties of your sleeping bags compromised. Even in the case of your shelter’s failure. It is accomplished by coating the surfaces of the sleeping bags with hydrophobic DWR (Durable Water Repellent).

- Mosquito net included. It is specially designed to fit tightly on either one of your military sleeping bags. It will keep the insects away from you. Great feature! Everyone who struggled with mosquitos when sleeping in the wild can attest that!

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- Extremely good insulation. By design, this Self Inflating Sleeping Pad is providing an air space between you and the ground. There is no better-known way to insulate you from moisture and cold.

- Protective sheath included. It will provide additional protection for the Sleeping Pad. Especially if carried externally. In the woods, hooking your backpack against vegetation is inevitable. The sheath will protect the Camping Mat from scratches and punctures.

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- Perfectly softness-density balanced. This Sleeping Mat has just enough density to give you the maximum insulation with also providing comfort and not being too hard. This is a very important, often neglected aspect.

- Olive color of the Sleeping Mat and camouflage sheath included. Both enable you to blend into the environment effectively. Good feature for hunting, photographing, or military applications.

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Military Sleeping System. Army Sleep System – Bivy Bag + Sleeping Bag + Mat

    • Material: Gore-Tex®
    • Weight: 3.5 lbs

    • Length: 95.5"

    • Witdh: 29.5"

    • Dimensions when packed: 14" x 5"

    • Infra red absobtion: Yes