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Military Jacket. Army Jacket. Army Field Jacket. Military Field Jacket. Military Parka. Army Coat. Military Coat.

Military Gore-Tex Jakcet/Parka. PTFE Tactical ECWCS. Coyote Brown Army Jacket/Coat.

Durable PTFE membrane. Military-grade Gore-Tex jacket. Tear and damage resistance. Good under tactical equipment such as plate carriers, vests, chest rigs, etc.

Size: XL. The jacket is designed to be employed as outer clothing. It is size flexible to a certain extent. It does not have to perfectly fit the body.


Three sizes available: M, L, XL. Size M will be suitable for a person between 5'7" - 5'10" tall. Size L, 5'11" - 6'1". Size XL, 6'2" - 6'5". The army uniform is highly adaptable with straps, regulations, and belts. Contact us! If you provide us with your tailor's dimensions, we will make sure to ship you the correct size.


The coyote-brown material used to manufacture this army combat uniform is 100% IR compliant and tested. It means that the material will not reflect infrared light any more than the surrounding, preventing you from “glowing” in the night vision devices.



-Elongated in the lower back. This feature gives you extra protection from the rain, especially when you do not have waterproof trousers or when you are having a large backpack with loose strips. The elongation prevents the waist-down area from getting wet.

-High-quality separation, thermic mesh. The specially designed mesh layer between your body and the gore-tex layer greatly improves the permeability and prevents water condensation inside your jacket. Also, the mesh provides additional air space which will additionally improve thermal insulation.

-The hood is profiled and elongated in the top front. Priceless feature keeping your face protected from severe precipitation in windy conditions.

-Two ergonomic pockets in the chest area. Secured by high-quality buttons. They will provide you with a lot of additional storage space for your essentials.

-Two sleeve pockets in the shoulder area, one on each side. Ideal for quick access to anything you stow in them. The Velcro on top of them enables you to wear patches, numbers, identifiers, etc.

-Solid Velcro regulated fastener in the wrist/cuff area. This feature allows you to achieve a snug fit around your wrists that prevents elements from depleting your body heat.

-Regulated ventilation. On each side of the jacket, the zip-locked openings are located to enable regulated ventilation in case of weather/temperature changes. They will also provide good ventilation during dynamic operations.

-Adjustable, elastic regulation cords on waist and hips level. This feature allows you to fit the jacket perfectly to your body. Another tool to increase the performance of this army jacket and your security from the elements.

-Velcro flap protecting the main zip fastener of the army field jacket. Ensures no sand or debris gets into the zip fastener. Minimizing the chance of it jamming.

-Stowable service flap on the back. The military jacket is equipped in a flap with a large Velcro field on it. It can be hidden or displayed according to situation and preference.

-Reduced surface rustling sound when moving. Most PTFE membrane clothing makes characteristic rustling noise. The surface of this jacket has been enhanced to reduce it. It is a good feature especially when stealth is necessary.


Manufactured in the European Union to the highest military standards.


This Gore-Tex jacket combined will sustain the harshest conditions and it is the perfect solution for military enthusiasts, survivalists, bushcrafters, hikers, and anyone who ventures into the wild. The universal coyote-brown color makes this military parka suitable for tactical equipment of any camouflage pattern. Also, this military jacket is very good for less extreme outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, climbing, mountaineering or simply walking in the woods and forest. Good for camping and trekking too. Very attractive and rare surplus field gear.


Quality comparable with civilian products ranging from $600 – $800. For example Arc’teryx, The North Face, or HiMountain.

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Military Gore-Tex Coat. Coyote Brown Army Jacket/Parka

  • Durable PTFE membrane. Military-grade Gore-Tex jacket. Tear and damage resistance. Good under tactical equipment such as plate carriers, vests, chest rigs, etc.

    The jacket is 100% waterproof and windproof.

    Material: Polyamide and PTFE membtabe.

    Origin: European Union (Poland)

    Manufacturer: Arlen

    Model: 46 BOR

    Line: Special Forces

    Color: Coyote-Brown

    Year of production: 2016+

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