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Military Backpack 3in1 SET! Army Rucksack 90l+Top Pouch+20l Bail Out Bag. NEW!




-Adjustable and comfortable carrying system. This system enables you to fit the backpack perfectly to your body dimensions and avoid any discomfort.


-Profiled foam padding on your back. Adds comfort, allows ventilation, prevents extensive sweating.


-Heavy-duty waist belt. Very thick and broad, giving you comfort and reducing very much tension on your waist. Protects your back and shoulders from being overloaded.


-Adjustable chest strap. Allowing you to keep the backpack stable on you, no matter your position. It prevents you from the danger of losing balance due to shifting of the weight of the backpack.


-Broad backpack straps. Guaranteeing comfort to your shoulders.


-The main backpack is divided into 3 chambers. One on top, one in the middle, and one on the bottom. It allows you to efficiently organize your equipment inside and exactly know where everything is. It greatly reduces the struggle in finding something, especially in the dark. The bottom one is opened from below with the bottom zip fastener. The middle one is opened by the diagonal zip fastener. The top one is opened with a tightening, adjustable cord.


-Additional straps on the side of the backpack. They allow you to attach nearly anything to your backpack, making it very versatile and convenient.


-Elongated straps at the lower buckles. Designed to carry the sleeping pad with instant access to it.


-Straps on top, designed to carry the rope. This solution allows you to securely attach the rope to your backpack. Good for mountain adventures.


-Ice axe / axe / walking sticks straps. Allowing you to securely attach these items similar to your backpack, so you can have instant access to them, without searching inside your backpack.


-Compression straps. Making it possible to maximize the efficiency of the backpack's volume.


-Solid plastic standing pads on the bottom of the main backpack. They add extra protection to the backpack while it is put on the ground. They also protect the polyester fabric from damages from dragging.


-Protected spaces for identity patches in two places on the backpack. A good option for identifying your backpack if many other people have the same model.




-D-rings on the backpack straps. Allowing you to attach nearly all miscellaneous items to them such as compasses, GPS devices, radios, etc.


-Detachable loops on the backpack straps. Designed to support your arms while carrying weapons for long distances.


-Sitting pad, that can be deployed from the waist belt. A unique feature, greatly increasing your comfort while resting. You can also sit wherever you want, without worrying about wet surfaces.




-Volume: 100 liters

-Dimensions: 34 x 14 x 11 inches

-Weight: 8 pounds


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Military Backpack Transport System - Camouflage

  • Military backpack transport system. The system includes a large 90 liters capacity rucksack, its 10 liters expansion on top, and small 20 liters capacity bail out bag. All made of solid, polyester fabric.Fully waterproof and tear-proof.

    Complete kit. All items are bundled together in one backpack and are detachable from each other. The main backpack is designed to be used to store most of the equipment. The backpack's top, which is the 10 liters expansion can be detached from the main backpack and carried as a belt pouch. To the back of the main backpack, the 20 liters bug out bag is attached. It is advised to keep additional essentials in it, in case of emergency and necessity to escape quickly and lightly. It can also be used entirely separately, so you do not always have to carry everything with you.

    Material: Polyester

    Origin: European Union (Poland)

    Manufacturer: Callida

    Model: ZPG

    Line: Military

    Color: WZ93 Polish Woodland Camo Pattern

    Year of production: 2016

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