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Fire Retardant Jacket. Fire Retardant Trousers. Flame Resistant Jacket. Fire Resistant Jacket. Flame Resistant Cargo Pants.

Fire Retardant Jacket - Army Combat Uniform. Military Uniform. Multicam Camouflage.

Extremely durable, flame retardant material. The highest military grade, durable, flame retardant material will resist heat, flames, and the fire of combat. The material is also very resistant to tearing and puncture. 


Three sizes available: M, L, XL. Size M will be suitable for a person between 5'7" - 5'10" tall. Size L, 5'11" - 6'1". Size XL, 6'2" - 6'5". The army uniform is highly adaptable with straps, regulations, and belts. Contact us! If you provide us with your tailor's dimensions, we will make sure to ship you the correct size.


The Multicam camouflage used to manufacture this army combat uniform is 100% IR compliant and tested. It means that the material will not reflect infrared light any more than the surrounding.



-Detachable, regulated hood. This army field jacket can be used with or without it, depending on condition and your preferred loadout.

-Olive green balaclava included. Can be used as additional protection, insulation, or for camouflage/identity protection purposes.

-100% waterproof, transparent mapholder on the left sleeve. The foldable map holder in the wrist area of the left sleeve is a very unique feature among combat uniforms. It moves your essential navigation data and memos from the second line of equipment to the first one. This way, even when you are forced to leave your backpack and accessories (in potential S.E.R.E. situations), you will still have access to your maps.

-Two pockets in the chest area. They are designed in a way, so you can reach them even while wearing a tactical vest or other military equipment.

-Solid Velcro regulated fastener in the wrist/cuff area. This feature of the military jacket allows you to achieve a snug fit around your wrists that prevents unintentional folding of the sleeves.

-Pockets on shoulders are accessible by Velcro flap and zip fastener. Even more flexibility of use of this army fatigue jacket in terms of storage.

-Solid Velcro regulated fastener in the collar area. Designed to achieve a snug fit around your head. Apart from body heat conservation, it ensures nothing will „flap around”. 

-Additional reinforcements in the elbow areas. Designed to prevent the potential damage from lying or crawling on hard areas. They give you additional comfort and are also a great base for separate elbow pads.

-Ventilation material was placed in the armpits area. This solution answers the problem of heat exchange in such heavy-duty military uniforms.

-Velcro flap protecting the main zip fastener of the army field jacket. Ensures no sand or debris gets into the zip fastener. Minimizing the chance of it jamming.



-AIRFLEX kneepads included. In addition to the double layer in the knee area, hard kneepads will protect you from potential injury during extreme movements. Behind them, in the rear area of the leg, there are Velcro regulators that will allow you to match the knee pads perfectly to your preference. It will greatly help prevent them from moving around your leg, keeping them in place, protecting your knees.

-Adjustable waist. Two regulators on the sides of the hips will help you additionally fit the trousers to your body's dimensions. It will prevent the material from folding under the belt, often causing inconveniences – especially when wearing other heavy tactical gear.

-Additional, comfort-pad style material in the inner area of the waist. Designed to minimize any inconveniences from the pressure of the belt against your body.

-Innovative, very practical boot insulation and security system. The combination of a zip fastener and regulated rubbers will keep the shoelaces secure, prevent snagging and prevent debris from getting into the boot.


Manufactured in the European Union to the highest military standards.


The material used to manufacture this military uniform is highly hydrophobic. It means that even when these military fatigues get wet, they will be easy to dry.


This army service uniform is a very attractive and rare surplus field gear. Excellent deal. Don't wait!

Fire Retardant Jacket - Army Combat Uniform. IR Compliant

  • Flame retardant. Will not catch fire, therefore protecting you from high temperatures.

    Durable rip-stop material. Tear and damage resistance. Good under tactical equipment such as plate carriers, vests, chest rigs, etc.

    The Military Uniform is 100% IR compliant.

    Origin: European Union (Poland)

    Manufacturer: Arlen

    Model: 117 DKWS

    Line: Special Forces

    Camouflage: Multicam

    Year of production: 2016+

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