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DBAL A3 Laser Sight – Green Visible Laser + IR Laser + Infrared Illuminator.

DBAL A3 Laser Sight – Green Visible Laser + IR Laser + Infrared Illuminator.


Top-class laser sight designed for small arms. The latest - third generation. The world's first laser sight equipped with a visible laser and an infrared laser simultaneously. Designed for maximum functionality in the smallest, strongest possible structure. The DBAL-A3 laser sight has an infrared illuminator with adjustable focus, an infrared laser pointer, and a green visible laser. Moreover, the infrared and visible green lasers are correlated and when we zero the green laser, the infrared laser will point exactly to the same place. This is a very practical aspect that makes the process of zeroing the laser sight much easier.


The infrared illuminator has strong/weak adjustment options and focus adjustment. These two functionalities make it an excellent infrared illuminator for virtually any type of night vision device. The illuminator is based on laser technology, not LED - thanks to this, it shines exactly where we point it and does not obscure the IR light around, reducing the risk of breaking the light and sound discipline.


The improvement to the green laser in the DBAL-A3 version contributes to easier and faster aiming because the human eye distinguishes 5 times more shades of green than red. The DBAL-A3 laser sight has a very useful function, which is the possibility of connecting an external Steiner flashlight to it and dividing the DBAL operation into two pressure pads - one for operating the light and visible laser, the other for operating the infrared illuminator and the IR laser. This allows for an instantaneous transition from daytime to night/dark conditions in any tactical situation.

DBAL A3 Laser Sight – Green Visible Laser + IR Laser + Infrared Illuminator.

  • Low profile distance and wind correction adjusters.

    Two ports for adjusting the laser aiming function.

    Two power profiles: low and high.

    A single laser activator with two functions: press once and release to activate momentarily, and press twice to activate the laser for 5 minutes.

    Low battery indicator.

    Housing made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum

    Self-adjusting Picatinny rail mount with Quick Release lever.

    Waterproof to submerge up to 10m for 2 hours.


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