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Night Vision Helmet Mount - Wilcox G24. Helmet Mount for Military Night Vision

Night Vision Helmet Mount - Wilcox G24. Mount for Military Night Vision Goggles/Monoculars


Night vision helmet mount - Wilcox G24 is the most modern design for mounting a night vision device on a dovetail interface. This is for use in the latest military night vision devices like PVS7A/C or PVS14 with a J-Arm mounting adapter (or any other night vision device with a correct adapter). The dovetail interface is the successor to the bayonet/horn interface. It is lighter, has a lower profile and the night vision device fits much tighter in it.


The helmet mount for the night vision device is made to the highest standard of the US special forces. To raise the night vision device away from your eye, press the ergonomically placed button. This button is switched with very little force, but it still holds the night vision device in the set position very reliably. The night vision device mount is also specially designed to minimize the risk of detachment from the helmet, even in extreme conditions.


The Wilcox G24 helmet mount, in addition to very wide front/back and up/down adjustment also allows for adjustment of the vertical angle at which the military night vision device is positioned in relation to the eye. Thanks to this, the night vision device mount can be used on a wide range of helmets from many manufacturers, as long as the helmet has a front socket/shroud for mounting the night vision device. All buttons and adjustment levers are designed to be operated with one hand.


The whole helmet mount is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes the night vision helmet mount extremely durable and very light. Thanks to this NV helmet mount, your night vision device will be very securely mounted - exactly in the way that is most convenient for you.

Night Vision Helmet Mount - Wilcox G24. Helmet Mount for Military Night Vision

  • Producer: Wilcox USA

    Black colour

    Condition: New

    Length: 10.1cm

    Width: 6.7cm

    Height: 6.1cm

    Weight: 164g


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