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Ballistic Helmet Fast Level IIIA

Ballistic Helmet Fast Level IIIA


Ballistic helmet made of high-quality Kevlar fiber capable of stopping shrapnel and most pistol bullets. The bulletproof helmet is equipped with a comfortable, adjustable harness and internal shock absorption. The harness has a very wide range of adjustments, so it can be adjusted to fit everyone. A great solution when you need to import a larger number and there is no time or possibility to take measurements.


With this ballistic helmet, you provide yourself with very good head protection on the battlefield. On request, we are also able to equip the ballistic helmet with covers, camouflage nets or externally mounted side rails or night vision mounts. We have a wide range of possibilities and options. Tell us what you need and we will propose solutions.

Ballistic Helmet Fast Level IIIA

  • Ballistic helmet type: Fast High Cut

    Color: Black or Green

    Bulletproof class/level: IIIA


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