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ATN ThOR LT Thermal Imaging scope 3-6x50mm

ATN ThOR LT Thermal Imaging scope 3-6x50mm


American version of the telescope offered on the EU market as ATN Mars LT 160 3-6x. A lightweight and affordable scope for shooters entering the world of thermal imaging. The affordable price of the thermal imaging scope is due to the fact that it is "slimmed down" with de facto unnecessary (and expensive) accessories such as WiFi, and the option of recording video or taking photos.


The thermal imaging telescope focuses on simplicity of design and operation. This approach also allowed to achieve a working time of approximately 10 hours. A valuable function is zeroing with one shot - after firing a shot aimed at the center of the target, simply move the second cross in the scope to the point of impact. Two color palettes with contrast selection and a 160x120 px sensor with a 60Hz refresh rate make it an excellent thermal imaging scope for beginners at a great price. Interestingly, in this set dedicated to the US market, you also receive a free Quick Detach Mount assembly.


In our opinion, there is no better option when you want to find a telescope at the cheapest possible price. You will pay little and still have a good quality, reliable, and effective thermal imaging telescope.


The package contains:


Thermal imaging scope ATN ThOR LT 3-6x50mm.

Quick Detach Mount.

Lens cloth.


USB-C cable.

Thermal imager cover.

ATN ThOR LT Thermal Imaging scope 3-6x50mm

  • Resolution: 256 x 192.

    Detector: 12μm, uncooled, 25 Hz.

    Lens system: 19 mm; F/1.0.

    Field of view: 9.3° - 6.9°.

    Optical magnification: 2.5× - 20×.

    Digital zoom: 1×, 2×, 4×, 8×.

    Observation distance: 950 m.

    Diopter correction: -5 to +3.

    Display: 0.39 inch, OLED, 1024×768, 50 Hz.

    Reticles: 5 types, 3 colors, on/off

    Bearing gain: 0.22 million / 0.77 MOA.

    Bearing correction: Digitally controlled.

    Distance measurement: Stadiametric rangefinder.

    Palettes: Black hot, white hot, red hot, fusion.

    Uniformity correction: Automatic, manual, external correction.

    Memory: Built-in EMMC (16 GB).

    Battery type: 2X CR123 battery.

    Battery life: (at 20°C) Up to 4.5 hours.

    External power supply: Yes, 5 VDC/2 A, USB Type-C interface.

    Operating temperature range: -20°C to +55°C.

    Waterproof rating: IP67.

    Drop test height: 1.5m.

    Weight (without battery): 520 g.

    Length: 187mm. Width: 63mm. Height: 80mm.


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