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PVS 14 3rd Generation Night Vision Device. White Phosphor. 1800+ FOM

PVS 14 3rd Generation Night Vision Device. White Phosphor. 1800 FOM. Specification Card + Manufacturer's Warranty. Legal Import from the USA.


The PVS-14 night vision device is undoubtedly the most recognizable military night vision device in the world. It is a multifunctional night vision device used by the US and NATO Armed Forces around the world. It is proven, trustworthy, and extremely durable. The PVS-14 night vision device contains everything you need and nothing you don't need when it comes to night vision.


The PVS-14 night vision device has been proven for over two decades on the battlefield. It can be mounted to a head harness, helmet (using G11, G24, or older Norotos Rhino mounts), weapons (using rail adapters), or even to cameras using appropriate adapters. It uses ordinary AA batteries available in every store (which is its advantage over night vision devices that use rarer CR123 and other batteries). It can operate on one battery for up to 50 hours, which in practice will provide several nights of continuous operations. Moreover, the night vision device will let you know when the battery is close to the minimum by means of a marker that will appear in your field of view.


In situations where there is virtually no ambient light for the night vision device to amplify, the night vision device has an infrared illuminator that can be used to illuminate the area. This is a high-class 940nm infrared illuminator. The 940nm wavelength has a huge advantage over the 850nm wavelength used in other night vision devices because it is absolutely invisible to the human eye, while the 850nm wavelength is noticeable as a faint red glow at the source.


The PVS-14 military night vision device will also work perfectly as a hunting night vision device, an airsoft night vision device, or as a night vision device for observing animals at night. If night vision is a new topic for you and you don't know which night vision device to choose from this wide range of night vision devices, this night vision device is perfect for you.


It is also worth mentioning that the night vision equipment we offer is legally imported from the United States. You receive a full specification sheet and the opportunity to use the manufacturer's warranty if anything goes wrong with it (which is very unlikely). Of course, in such a situation, we will help you communicate with the manufacturer and the entire shipping process to and from the USA. The night vision device is also approved by the US Department of State for further shipment to Ukraine.

The package contains:


PVS-14 3rd Generation Night Vision Device.

Lens Cover.

Eyepiece Cover.

Installation Security Cord.

J-Arm Adapter for Helmet Mount.

Head Harness/Night Vision Suspension (Skull Crusher).

User manual

Glass Maintenance Cloth.

Soft case for carrying the Night Vision Goggles.

PVS 14 3rd Generation Night Vision Device. White Phosphor. 1800+ FOM

  • Image Sensor: 3rd generation, white phosphor, 1800+ FOM (Figure of Merit).

    Resolution: 64-72 lp/mm.

    Autogating: Yes.

    Infrared Illuminator: Yes.

    Magnification: 1X.

    Lens System: F1.2; 27mm.

    Field of View: 40 degrees.

    Focus Adjustment Range (m): 0.25 to infinity.

    Diopter adjustment: -6 to +2.

    Power supply: 1 AA 1.5V battery.

    Battery Life: 50 hours.

    Waterproof Class: IP67.

    Operation Temperature: -51 to 49 degrees Celsius.

    Length: 114mm.

    Width: 51mm.

    Height: 57mm.

    Weight: 350g.

    Warranty: manufacturer, 3 years after registration.


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