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Aimpoint Micro T2 Collimator / Collimator Sight – Original. 2 MOA Red Dot Black.

Aimpoint Micro T2 Collimator / Collimator Sight – Original. 2 MOA Red Dot Black.


Designed as an ideal red dot sight for tactical applications. The Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Rifle Sight 2 MOA is the result of years of tests conducted by military professionals. The Aimpoint Red Dot T-2 collimator sight has the latest generation of coatings on optical glasses, thanks to which it has a radically improved shape and clarity of the 2 MOA aiming point.


The Aimpoint Micro T-2 holographic/red dot sight in this latest version has a front and rear cover that can be raised and lowered easily. Additionally, a reinforced cover has been added to the vertical and horizontal correction controls (for distance and wind). Also, the electronic components inside are better encapsulated. All this is to ensure even more extreme durability and reliability of the Aimpoint Micro T2 Red Dot 2 MOA red dot sight. The entire design of the collimator is based on a tightly closed housing so that snow, rain, dust, mud, or sand do not interfere with its use in any way.


The Aimpoint Micro T2 Red Dot 2 MOA collimator can be mounted on virtually any weapon/shooting platform. The collimator has an integrated mounting that will fit both Picatinny and Weaver rails. Moreover, this collimator sight has 12 levels of brightness adjustment, 4 levels for night vision devices, and 8 levels for daytime observations. Thanks to this, the Aimpoint collimator is compatible with night vision devices of every possible generation and type, as well as in all daytime conditions. Adjusting brightness and horizontal and vertical corrections in this model is very simple and intuitive.


To sum up, the Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot 2 MOA Collimator combines simplicity, quality, and extreme reliability in all conditions. It cannot be denied that it has its price, but it is an Aimpoint Red Dot sight of the highest possible quality in the world.


The package contains:


Aimpoint Micro T2 Collimator / Red Dot Sight – Rifle 2 MOA Red Dot Black.

Front-back covers for the collimator.

CR2032 battery

Aimpoint tool.

Aimpoint Micro T2 Collimator / Collimator Sight – Original. 2 MOA Red Dot Black.

  • Manufacturer: Aimpoint

    Color: Black

    Finish: Semi-gloss, anodized

    Material: Aluminum

    Magnification: 1X

    Glass diameter: 18mm

    Aiming point type: Red Dot.

    Aiming point size: 2 MOA

    Illumination type: LED

    Illumination color: Red

    Number of brightness levels: 12

    Maximum/minimum focal length: infinity

    One-click correction: 1.11cm per 100m

    Optical coating: Multi-layer

    Battery type: Lithium CR2032

    Number of batteries required: 1

    Battery life: 7,300 – 50,000 hours

    Operating temperature range: -45 to 71 degrees Celsius

    Water immersion resistance: up to 24 m

    Length: 6.9 cm

    Width: 4.1 cm

    Height: 3.6 cm.

    Weight: 96g