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Answering the needs of enthusiasts of survival, outdoor, shooting, military, or any related fields, we come forth to meet the three elementary problems when it comes to buying, importing, or sourcing the goods from European Union. 

Namely, we reduce the problem of high costs of shipping across the Atlantic Ocean, the frequent problem of transatlantic money transfers with taxes and duties, and the fact, that some European stores don't offer shipping outside the borders of the European Union.

Using the form below, just send us the links to the items that you are interested in. From any website, or any buying platform in the E.U. We will analyze the prices of products, the costs of shipping to one of our locations within the European Union,  and the costs of transatlantic shipping of the combined package. Within 48 hours, you will receive a detailed estimate on how much would it cost to import the products you listed, along with payment options. If you decide to realize the transaction, just send us the shipping address and make payment. We will take care of the rest. How exactly?

Thanks for submitting! Within 48 hours, you will receive a detailed estimate for your order.


We sum the prices of your listed products and calculate their combined value in U.S. Dollars (you can browse in stores with Euro or any other currency, we will calculate everything). We add 15% of the combined value of products. Then we add an operational fee which is in most cases between $15 to $50, depending on the volume and complexity of the order. Also, we add the estimated shipping cost of the combined package from the E.U. to the USA. This will be between $30 and $60 in case of the shipping by sea (3-5 weeks) or between $65 and $160 in case of FedEx air shipping (3-5 business days). Lastly, we add 3% of the sum of every cost mentioned above. This is the cost of a transatlantic money transfer**.


For example: If you want to buy a knife from Germany for 100 Euro, a sleeping bag from the Czech Republic for 3200 Czech Korunas and a tent from Sweden for 2500 Swedish Kronas, the calculations will look like this: 100 Euro = $120.39, 3200 Czech Korunas = $148.91, and 2500 Swedish Kronas = $297.69. $120.39 + $148.91 + $297.69 = $566.99. 15% of $566.99 is $85.05. $566.99 + $85.05 = $652.04. The cost of shipping to our location in E.U. is 10 Euro for the knife, 350 Czech Korunas for the sleeping bag, and 300 Swedish Kronas for the tent. It will be $12.04 + $16.29 + $35.75 = $64.08. The order has only three items and is relatively straightforward, so the operational fee will be $20. The package will be relatively big and heavy so the transatlantic shipping cost will be $50 by ship OR $140 by FedEx Air. In case of faster shipping, the sum of every previous cost will be $876.12. Lastly, we have to add 3% to that sum for the transatlantic money transfer and eventual currency exchanges. 3% of $876.12 is $26.29*. $876.12 + $26.29 = $902.41. That would be the final estimate of this order with a fast FedEx shipping. 

The value of products: $566.99

The costs of shipping within the E.U.: $64.08

15% of the value of the products: $85.04

Operational fee: $20

Cost of transatlantic shipping: $50 by sea OR $140 by air

The value of order (sum of costs above): $786.12 (sea) OR $876.12 (air)

The cost of transatlantic money transfer: $23.59 (sea) OR $26.29 (air)*

Total: $809.71 (sea) OR $902.41 (air).

How do we estimte a price?


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The process of import

1) We estimate the cost of order realization and send the payment info.

2) We accept the payment to our bank account in the United States.

3) We transfer the funds from our U.S. account to our account in the E.U. (max 48h)

4) We order the items you requested to our location in the E.U. (the same day the money transfer is complete)

5) We inspect the items, make sure that everything is intact. (as soon as the item comes so we have time for eventual disputes and returns)

6) We repack the items into one compact package and send it to our location in the U.S. (max 2 business days)

7) We inspect the package again. (the same day we receive it)

8) We send the package to you. (max 2 business days)

*You can send the money directly to our account in the E.U. In this case, you would cover the money transfer costs. In such a case, you only have to send the amount without the 3% for transatlantic money transfer. If you wish to go that way, let us know. We will provide you with our European bank account payment info,


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