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Where and how to set up your camp? How to avoid wind, cold and rain? Three things to remember. #Survival Shelter.

Updated: Mar 4

When you are planning to set up a camp in the wilderness, during a survival, bushcraft of outdoor excursion, it is important to keep in mind these three aspects:

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Aspect One:

If the ground where you intend to put your Tent, Bivy Cover, Tarp, or any other element of your sleeping system is not flat but has depressions and ascensions in the area, there will be temperature differences.

Cold air is denser and tends to seek its way down. That is, it will accumulate in ground depressions, holes, or cavities. If there is relatively calm weather, you should consider camping on the ascension.

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Aspect two:

The wind. If your Tent, Bivy Cover or Survival Shelter is exposed to it, it will effectively reduce your temperature comfort and the effectiveness of your sleeping system. The depression in the terrain may be useful when it comes to sheltering yourself from a strong wind. You have to assess the conditions and choose between a warmer place or a less windy one.

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Aspect three:

You have to keep in mind, that placing your tent in a terrain depression, will also put you at risk of getting flooded in case of sudden heavy rain. Some places look very appealing in terms of camping. Dry, surrounded by the terrain ascensions, and flat. However, the water from the rain will accumulate in such a place and may flood your camp. A very good indicator of such risk is much greener and richer vegetation on the ground in such places than the rest of the surrounding.

Bonus tip:

Certain terrain depressions, form a type of funnel, to accumulate the wind. Always check the dominating winds if your area of Survival, Bushcraft, or Outdoor Adventure. And based on that, make assessments on how the shape of terrain will influence the wind in terms of its accumulation and redirection.

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