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Top 3 Military Jackets in our Outdoor Store. Review the best Army Field Jackets available!

Updated: Feb 29

In this article, we present you with the best quality Military Jackets available. They are very rare in the U.S. market. You will not find them in any Outdoor Store or Survival Shop. Here they are:

1) Special Forces Gore-Tex Jacket/Parka + Polar Fleece SET

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This set of Military ECWCS Parka and Polar Fleece Jacket in the Olive Color is the best quality product you can get. Original Gore-Tex PTFE Membrane makes the hardshell of this jacket waterproof, windproof, but at the same time breathable. The very thick Polar Fleece used as the liner layer is a great thermal insulator. Both the hardshell and polar fleece layers have many ergonomically placed pockets. Especially the two pockets located on the chest area of the parka. They allow you to warm up your hands when needed and provide good support for advanced Survival Techniques such as drying fire materials using your body warmth. Also, they are located in a way you can use them even while wearing military equipment such as tactical vests, chest rigs, or plate carriers. During our tests, the very useful feature of this jacket turned out to be the elongated back. It partially protects you from moisture when you are sitting and also, during the rain, prevents water from dripping from your wet back or backpack to the upper area of your trousers. Learn more!

2) Special Forces Smock/Parka in MultiCam Camouflage + Polar Fleece SET

 Military Coat. Army Jacket Mens. Army Field Jacket. Army Jacket. Military Field Jacket. Military Parka. Army Coat.

This Military Smock is the most versatile piece of Army Field Apparel available. It is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Also, it has 11 very ergonomically placed pockets. It is cover in MultiCam Camouflage and the fabric which the jacket is made of is Infra-Red Compliant. That means, in any night vision device, you would not appear different from the rest of the environment. A very advanced feature especially useful during military exercises or operations. A thick, warm Polar Fleece Jacket also comes to this set as a liner. It is also versatile, can be used separately, and is strengthened in critical areas. During our tests, the most useful feature of this jacket was the fully regulated hood, which can be adjusted in such a way, that makes the bad weather, snow, wind or rain almost completely not a problem when it comes to your face protection. Check it in our store!

3) Military Special Forces Synthetic Down Jacket

Army Green Down Jacket. Military Insulated Jacket. Military Down Jacket. Military Green Puffer Jacket. Army Down Jacket.

This Jacket is a great military invention combining effectiveness and compatibility. This Military Down Jacket is water-resistant, windproof, and has great thermal insulation capabilities. It is Infra-Red Compliant and in natural, olive color. It has two ergonomically placed pockets and besides that, it has rubber fasteners in the hips and wrists area to prevent the wind from stealing your body warmth. The hood and collar of the jacket are very thick and the hood can be regulated to minimize the escape of temperature. In the field, the greatest feature of this jacket is that it is very small and compact. Besides keeping it inside the backpack, it can be put inside a pouch attached to the military gear as apart of the loadout. Thanks to that, when you sweat during operations or exercises and then you are forced to be still for a while, you can just put the jacket on everything you have without having to reorganize your gear. This is a great tactical advantage over the woobie blanket because if anything happens and you have to move quickly, you can move still wearing the jacket and take it off when possible. Check it out!

In our Outdoor Store,

We make every effort to provide you with the best class of Jackets, Parkas, Coats or other Military Apparel, that will withstand every circumstance. Even in the coldest weather in the winter seasons in states located in the north of the country. For example Washington, North Carolina, Michigan, or New York. Visit our store!

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