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Military Special Forces Modular Military Sleeping Bag + Compression Bags + Waterproof Bags + Dry Feet/Boot Protection System


This sleeping bag set contains 1 synthetic down sleeping bag, 1  natural 100% goose down sleeping bag, 2 compression bags, 1 waterproof bag, and 2 feet/boots protectors. 


The set is very versatile. You can use just a synthetic sleeping bag, just a natural sleeping bag, or both at once. Single synthetic will suffice in the warm season of the year, single natural in spring/fall, and both of them used together, will sustain even the harshest of winters.




-Compression bags allow to greatly reduce the volume of the set. That is designed, to help you fit more equipment when planning a trip outdoors. 


-Waterproof bag, securing both parts of the sleeping bag. It guarantees, that you have warm and dry sleeping equipment anytime. Regardless of weather conditions or potential contact of your backpack with water. 


-Two feet/boots protectors included. Their purpose is twofold. You can put them on your boots if you wish to sleep wearing them in extremely cold conditions. You can also use them as temporary "socks" when you need to get out of the sleeping bag for a brief time, without having to wear your boots. 


-Side diagonal zip. This feature allows you to get out of the sleeping bag quickly when you need to. The design of the zip also makes it easy and quick to deploy your weapon from within the sleeping bag. Especially useful in military/hunting applications.


-Regulated hood. Making sure you are protected from the wind completely. Especially in the most important area which is the head. 


-Multiple Solid Velcro fasteners. They are very useful in extremely windy conditions. Thanks to them, you can make sure your sleeping bag will not open during sleep, causing unnecessary temperature loss.


- The sleeping bags are stored uncompressed and unfolded. This way of storage guarantees a long life of the product and prevents the degradation of temperature isolation properties. We strongly recommend storing the product this way after the purchase. If it's not possible, the sleeping bags may be stored in compression bags, but when the bags are not compressed.


NOTICE: When using both sleeping bags combined, the natural one must be put inside the synthetic one, not the other way around. Natural down is more vulnerable to moisture, which will certainly be present in conditions requiring combined use. Also, the dimensions of both sleeping bags are designed to use them combined this way.


This sleeping bag set is designed to be suitable for use in every season. It can also sustain extreme cold weather and the harshest conditions. The perfect solution for military enthusiasts, survivalists, bushcrafters, hikers, and anyone who ventures into the wild and the great outdoors.


Every component of this sleeping bag set is 100% new. The universal olive color makes the sleeping bag suitable for camouflage or any other tactical use.


Quality comparable with civilian products ranging from $600 – $1000. For example Carinthia, Yeti, or Marmot.


It is manufactured in the European Union to the highest military standards. Currently, It is being used exclusively by the Special Forces of several EU countries.


Excellent deal, don't wait!

Special Forces Modular Military Sleeping Bag Complete System

  • Weight:

    • External synthetic sleeping bag - 2.3 lbs
    • Natural internal sleeping bag - 1.95 lbs
    • Two compression bags - 5.4 oz
    • Two feet/boot protectors - 4.3 oz
    • Waterproof bag - 6.6 oz
    • Total - 5.3 lbs


    - External synthetic sleeping bag

    • Lenght: 91"
    • Width (shoulders): 35.5"
    • Width (legs): 25.2"
    • Compressed: 10.6" x 6.7"

    Internal natural sleeping bag

    • Lenght: 89.4"
    • Width (shoulders): 34.6"
    • Width (legs): 24.4"
    • Compressed: 9" x 6.3"

    Temperature sustainability:

    External synthetic sleeping bag

    • Comfort: 45°F
    • Sustainable: 34°F
    • Extreme: 9°F

    Internal natural sleeping bag

    • Comfort: 33°F
    • Sustainable: 23°F
    • Extreme: -8°F

    Both sleeping bags combined

    • Comfort: 20°F
    • Sustainable: 8°F
    • Extreme: -28°F
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, you can return it and get a refund minus operational and shipping costs, or exchange it for another one, be it similar or not. 

    Bear in mind that the return process will take a long time due to the long distances of import. Between 2 and 4 weeks. We strongly advise responsible purchases.

    You can return a product for up to 15 days from the date you received it. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging.