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Military Polar Fleece Jacket + Polar Fleece Pants/Trousers. Polar Fleece Base Layer. Insulation for Under Hardshell or Softshell.


Three sizes available: M, L, XL. Size M will be suitable for a person between 5'7" - 5'10" tall. Size L, 5'11" - 6'1". Size XL, 6'2" - 6'5". The army uniform is highly adaptable with straps, regulations, and belts. Contact us! If you provide us with your tailor's dimensions, we will make sure to ship you the correct size.


Both the polar fleece jacket and polar fleece pants are manufactured from 700g/m2 polar fleece material. The polar fleece in this military tracksuit is dense and provides excellent thermal insulation.



-Thick and warm. It will protect you from heat loss during harsh conditions.

-Two external pockets. They allow you to keep your essentials ready and instantly available. Pockets are secured with zip fasteners.

-Cuffs secured by rubber tighteners. They fit the cuffs to your wrists neatly and prevent any unwanted heat loss. Also, they prevent unintentional folding of the sleeves and prevent debris from getting inside.

-The shoulder areas are additionally reinforced. This feature will help you when carrying a heavy backpack. It will reduce the pressure on your shoulders and prevent the polar fleece jacket from tearing from the friction of the backpack straps.

-The Elbow areas are additionally reinforced. This design greatly helps in situations, where you have to support yourself on your elbows (for example while crawling). Under the reinforced material, the waterproof patch is added to prevent the moisture from the ground from soaking through the polar fleece jacket.

-The jacket is thickened and regulated around the neck. The Neck area is extremely important when it comes to heat. Therefore, the designers put an additional effort to ensure the minimization of any temperature loss from that part of the body.

-Elongated collar. Besides improved insulation, the collar is elongated to provide a perfect fit and 100% heat loss security to the neck area.

-Four Velcro fields on the polar fleece jacket. Two on the chest area and two on the shoulders. They enable you to wear patches, numbers, identifiers, etc.



-Rubber tightener on the waist. Ensuring the snug fit of your polar fleece pants and providing additional flexibility when it comes to body dimensions or other base layers of clothing.

-Rubber tighteners on the ankles. Ensuring the snug fit of your polar fleece pants in the area where your trousers meet your boots. It is extremely important to keep everything in place in that area to avoid heat loss and debris getting into the boot.

-Two external pockets. They allow you to have instant access to your essentials.


Quality comparable with civilian products ranging from $350 – $500. For example Rukka, Harkila, or Alpinestars.


Manufactured in the European Union to the highest military standards.


This polar fleece jacket and polar fleece pants are a very versatile first layer military tracksuit, that guarantees excellent thermal insulation, and is a very good solution to back your hardshell or softshell layer of bad weather clothing/ECWCS. Perfect solution for military enthusiasts, survivalists, hunters, bushcrafters, hikers or anyone, who ventures into the wild. Great for bad and cold weather. Also very good for less extreme outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering or simply walking in the woods and forest. Good for camping and trekking too. Very attractive and rare surplus field gear.


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Military Polar Fleece Jacket + Polar Fleece Pants/Trousers SET

  • Material: Polar Fleece

    Material Density: 700g/m2

    Origin: European Union (Poland)

    Manufacturer: Arlen

    Model: 621 MON

    Line: Military

    Color: Black

    Year of production: 2016+

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