Military, bushcraft complete survival knife kit.

Military knife, bushcraft, camping, best complete survival knife kit. Stainless steel, knife, sheath, paracord. NEW.


This military knife is a perfect combination of survival, bushcraft, camping, and combat application features. The knife, sheath, and piece of very strong paracord come as a complete survival knife kit. This knife comes in two variants. The first one, without a saw on the back, adapted to perfectly handle batoning and splitting wood. The second one, with the saw, is perfect for cutting wood. Also, thanks to the teeth of the saw pointed forwards, and the balance of the knife designed for throwing, it makes this knife a deadly melee combat weapon.




- Stainless steel. This Military Knife Will endure elongated hard and wet weather. Will also forgive leaving it uncleaned and unconserved for a longer time.

- Tactical hard sheath included. It is designed in a way to allows you to attach in many ways to your belt, vest, backpack, or other pieces of equipment.

- Thumb released blockade on the sheath. Makes it impossible for the knife to slip out of the sheath, even if completely upside down.

- Ergonomic handle. Made of non-slippery polymer, indentation and texture will make the knife lie firmly in your hand.

- The knife is balanced for throwing. Thanks to the balanced and very well profiled tip, the knife can be effectively thrown and will have good penetration to the target.

- Widened space on the back. Especially good if there is a need to apply external, additional force to the knife. Perfect for batoning and splitting the wood.

- Option of heavy-duty saw instead of space on the back. The saw has a double row of teeth, each row slightly angled off the center to prevent the saw from getting stuck in the wood while cutting. Both options make this knife a very versatile Survival Knife.

- Teeth of the saw facing forward. This feature makes the knife a deadly weapon. It will inflict serious damage both in melee combat and when thrown.

- Very strong paracord included. Three feet of very heavy-duty, black paracord is included ti the knife. The knife saw or widened space, tactical sheath, and paracord make this product not just a Military Knife but a full Survival Knife Kit.


This knife is designed to meet the highest expectations. The perfect solution for military enthusiasts, survivalists, bushcrafters, hikers, and anyone who ventures into the wild and the great outdoors.


The knife, optional saw or widened space, sheath, and paracord make this Survival Knife Kit the Best Camping Knife or Best Knife For Bushcraft. Both for advanced survivalists and beginners.


It is manufactured in the European Union to the highest military standards. Currently, It is being used exclusively by the Militaries of several EU countries.


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Military, bushcraft complete survival knife kit.

    • Knife weight: 9.8 oz.
    • Total length: 11 7/8”
    • Blade length: 7”
    • Blade width: 2/5”
    • Sheath weight: 2.1oz

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