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Individual Survival Course

Individual 2-day Survival Course complexly including aspects from the subject of Wilderness Survival. The course is an excellent source of knowledge and skills, that will greatly improve your self-reliance and security in the wilderness. The course will give you tools that will greatly enhance your capabilities of helping yourself and others in a potential Survival situation. All survival techniques exercised during the course will be subjected to a training realism, aimed to replicate the real survival situation to the best extent. 

During this course, besides water procurement, shelter building, fire making, food gathering, topography, and signalization techniques, a very important aspect will be brought to the table. That aspect is the set of rules and procedures on how to behave during the night. How to ration the firewood, how to minimize the necessity of movement, and how to maximize the amount of sleep and energy regeneration-conservation.


During this Individual Survival Course:

  • You will prepare your shelter, in which you will spend a night.
  • You will find, procure and purify the water to drink.
  • You will make fire by several different means - during the day and after sunset).
  • You will procure food from plants, and construct traps and snares with a simulation catching an animal and preparing meat.
  • You will perform emergency simulations with signalization techniques for rescue services. 

In the last phase of this survival course, you will learn the techniques of survival topography and landscape navigation. You will learn how to tell the directions without a compass, GPS, or other navigational tools. You will test all of that in practice during the hike back to the starting point of the survival course. 


All that will be supervised by an experienced survival instructor who will be explaining, demonstrating, and helping you with performing the techniques. He will also correct any errors and make sure that you got everything right. 


After signing up for the course, we will send you materials for theoretical self-education before the course. We will also arrange the exact date of the course (It is fully flexible. It can be both weekends and weekdays).


Timeframes of the course: 10 AM of day one to 4 PM of day two.


Place: Spring Creek Greenway forests.
We will send you the exact gathering spot after signing up for a course. We can also organize a course in any place in the United States. The only requirement is a piece of wilderness nearby. We will assess the proposed area and tell you if the course is possible there. Depending on the place, the costs of the instructor's transport should be added.
If you wish, we can also organize a course for several participants, but to ensure the quality of training, no more than five.


Required equipment: NONE! We will provide you with every accessory necessary for the successful completion of the course (knife, fire starter, paracord, emergency blanket, cooking utensil). We will also advise you on what equipment to buy in the future.
We recommend taking a sleeping bag and sleeping mat (We can provide them too but due to hygienic and safety reasons, we strongly recommend taking your own). 


Contact us and sign up today!

Individual Survival Course

$499.00 Regular Price
$439.00Sale Price
  • Day One

    • Introduction to the survival course and explanation of the safety rules. 
    • Explanation of priorities in a survival situation.
    • Hike to the main place of the course with stops in places vital to survival. (Potential water sources, good fire-starting material, animal trails, etc.).
    • Preparing a survival shelter for the night. Explanation and demonstration of different types.
    • Techniques of procuring and purifying water.
    • Techniques of fire starting and fire management during the day.
    • Aspects of food procurement from plants and animal sources. Construction of different types of traps and snares. Explanation of their legal and moral aspects.
    • Explanation of rules and procedures of behavior during the night.
    • Techniques of fire starting and fire management during the night.
    • Presentation and training of different types of survival fires and explanation of their purposes.
    • Sleep with the use of techniques that will allow less frequent feeding of the fire, maximizing the time for regeneration.

    Day Two

    • Theoretical aspects of survival energy conservation, food, and water rationing. Based on the experience from the previous hours.
    • Theory and practical training of emergency signalization techniques for rescue services.
    • Theoretical and practical aspects of survival topography. Hike back to the place of starting a course, with the use of landscape orientation techniques. 
    • Ending of a course, handing out certificate/certificates.