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Basic Survival Course

This one-day Basic Survival Course is excellent for those who want to start their adventure with wilderness Survival. The Survival Course is also very good for intermediate enthusiasts of Survival who want to expand their knowledge and skills. The Course is an introduction to the world of wilderness Survival and a tool to expand, categorize and solidify prior survival knowledge and skills.

During the Survival course, you will be familiarized with the following subjects:

  • Priorities of a Survival situation.
  • The 3-layered procedure of situation assessment.
  • Basic methods of finding, procuring, and purifying water for drinking.
  • Preparing basic Survival Shelters.
  • Techniques of effective fire making and fire management.
  • Basic methods of procuring food in the wilderness.
  • Aspects of improvised topography and orientation in a landscape.
  • Techniques of emergency signalization to rescue services.

The Survival Course has an entirely didactic form. The instructor will explain and demonstrate the Survival techniques. He will also help you perform them properly to make sure you got them right.


The course timeframes: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM.


Place: Spring Creek Greenway forests.

We will send you the exact gathering spot after signing up for a course.

For organized groups, we can also organize a course in any place in the United States. The only requirement is a piece of wilderness nearby. We will assess the proposed area and tell you if the course is possible there. Depending on the place, the costs of the instructor's transport should be added.


Required equipment: NONE. We will provide you with every accessory necessary for the successful completion of the course (knife, fire starter, paracord, emergency blanket, cooking utensil). We will also advise you on what equipment to buy in the future.

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    Basic Survival Course

    $199.00 Regular Price
    $149.00Sale Price
      • Introduction to the course, explanation of safety rules.
      • Explanation of priorities in a survival situation.
      • Hike to the main place of the course with stops in places vital to survival. (Potential water sources, good fire-starting material, animal trails, etc.).
      • Techniques of procuring and purifying water.
      • Preparing basic survival shelters.
      • Techniques of fire starting and fire management.
      • Basic aspects of food procurement from plants and animal sources. Construction of basic traps and snares. Explanation of their legal and moral aspects.
      • Theoretical and practical aspects of survival topography. Hike back to the place of starting a course, with the use of landscape orientation techniques. 
      • Ending of a course, handing out certificates.