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Survival gear tested on the coldest night in Texas

Updated: Feb 29

We used the great opportunity od during February's Cold Front in Texas and on the coldest night of that front, we went to test some of our flag Survival Gear. Take a look at our relation and review our rare, top-grade, imported army surplus equipment.

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The coldest night:

On February 12, one of our instructors went into the forests near the north Houston area in order to test and review the equipment available in our Great Outdoors Store. He spent the night using only the Dakota fire hole as a warmth source. With the help of a tripod and pot, he also supported himself with hot drinks throughout the night. According to the forecast, the lowest temperature was supposed to be around 12F. But it was much colder. At 1 am, the temperature dropped to 5F. The true crisis came around 5 am, right before dawn. The temperature fell to -1F. Water in the hydration system froze, every sound and movement stopped. The instructor was forced to sleep really close to the fire, practically encircling it with his body.

Survival Classes Near Me. Survival Course. Wilderness Survival Training Near Me. Survival Classes. Survivalist Training.

Our Outdoor Survival Gear Store:

Despite the harsh conditions, the Campsite Accessories provided by our store was able to mitigate many problems. With proper support with survival skills and techniques, the night was quite enjoyable. Without the best quality Survival Gear, the comfort and even safety of the instructor would be endangered. Below, we list which products available in our Army Surplus Store were used during the coldest night in Texas.

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Best quality Survival Gear:

Take a look at the specific equipment that was used during that night. This gear is very rare, imported from the European Union and used by Special Forces of several European Countries. This equipment cannot be found in any other Outdoor Store, Army Surplus Store, Hiking Store, Backpacking Store, or in any Camping Stores.

Military Coat. Army Jacket Mens. Army Field Jacket. Military Parka. Army Coat. Military Field Jacket. Army Jacket.

Special Forces Military Jacket. Gore-Tex Army Green Field Parka + Polar Army Fleece Jacket.

Crafted with the best materials. Triple Gore-Tex Layer. Waterproof zips, elongated back, stiffened hood, very thick polar fleece liner. Everything perfectly adjustable and regulated. Many ergonomically placed pockets, velcro fields, and straps. Additionally, the material is infrared compliant. It will not glow to anyone using the night vision devices. This Army Field Jacket will sustain even the harshest circumstances. See more!

Military Tactical Backpack. Military Backpack. Best Military Backpack. Army Rucksack. Military Rucksack. Army Backpack.

Special Forces Military Backpack. Army Rucksack 60L. Tactical Assault Backpack.

Best tactical backpack for the great outdoors. Very versatile, ergonomic, with many very well-organized pockets.One of the best Military Surplus Backpacks available. Its olive green color will fit any kind and type of camouflage pattern of any military equipment. This military tactical backpack is the perfect solution for everyone who wants to have a very comfortable backpack and blend with the environment at the same time. See more!

Military Sleeping Bag. Modular Sleep System. Army Sleeping Bag. Military Sleep Syetem. Modular Sleeping Bag. Army Sleep System.

Special Forces Military Sleep System. Extreme Cold Weather Sleeping bag.

This Army Sleep system consists of two independent sleeping bags. One with natural down filling and one with synthetic, thermal insulating filling. They can be used separately. The natural one in the fall and spring, the synthetic one in the summer, and two altogether in the winter. Also, this Military Sleep system contains two compression bags, a waterproof storage bag, and two feet/boots protectors. For more, click here!

Tracking and survival Courses:

Except for the best quality Survival Gear, we also provide Wilderness Survival Training and Tracking Training. On our Survival Classes, Bushcraft Courses, and Tracking Classes, you will learn how to be self-reliant in the wild. Knowledge and skills that you will acquire accompanied by our gear, would make you very safe and self-confident during every incursion to the great outdoors. Contact us and ask!

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