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What if your Sleeping Bag is not enough? A useful Survival Skill, that can save your life. #Survival Shelter

Updated: Mar 4

In some situations, either you don't have an adequate Sleeping Bag or the conditions are so harsh, that even your High-Tech Sleeping Bag is not enough. What can you do to get out of this Survival Situation? Below, we present a technique, that can be a life saver.

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The answer to that is a "Sleeping Bag Scarecrowing" as a Survival Shelter

This strangely named Survival Technique, is derived from "Scarecrowing", which is putting a lot of dry leaves beneath your clothing, to provide additional insulation, when your original clothing is not enough. (In that way you man look like a scarecrow. Hence, the name of the technique) In the case of the Sleeping Bag, the technique is relatively easy. You would have to find dry leaves in the forest and put so much of them into the Sleeping Bag, so you would have trouble squeezing in. In that way, you will greatly increase the thermal insulation of your Sleep System making it an improvised survival shelter.

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During the winter, when the ground is covered by snow

It is still not impossible. Some trees (mostly oaks) hold on to their dry leaves for the entire winter. They are attached to the branches until the spring comes when they are forced to fall by the formation of new ones. When on the tree, they are not exposed so much to moisture than on the ground. Also, they are more exposed to sun and wind. In that way, they stay relatively dry. Much drier than the ones below.

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In our Outdoor Store,

We make every effort to provide you with the best class of Survival/Camping Equipment, that will withstand every circumstance. Even in the coldest weather in the winter seasons in states located in the north of the country. For example Washington, North Carolina, Michigan, or New York.

The sleeping bags in our store are designed especially to prevent such situations. They are designed to provide powerful support for soldiers and special forces operatives during the worst of worst of conditions. They will provide you with safety and comfort, during your adventures in the wilderness. Check Our Store!

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