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прилад нічного бачення для зсу. тепловізор. купити тепловізор для зсу. прилади нічного бачення. прилад нічного бачення pvs 14.


Bulk imports with an ITAR license

We mediate wholesale orders for non-governmental organizations, state institutions, and companies. The retail price shown below is indicative. Please contact us to determine the import conditions and final costs. Please read the description of the import process below.

Procedures of Import

Step-by-step import procedure:

All the above military accessories are imported legally from the United States. Through us, you buy directly from American suppliers with whom we cooperate in the field of ITAR (International Trade of Arms Regulations) export licenses. We will guide you through the entire licensing process easily and quickly. You will receive the goods in original packaging. You will also receive full product documentation.

The procedure for importing ITAR accessories is slightly different than importing regular goods from the USA:

1) We accept the order or inquiry and send a questionnaire based on which we will apply for an export license to the US Department of State. (where will the goods ultimately go? What is their purpose? Who is the end user?).

2) We sign an import contract, which we prepare together. A contract containing the number of pieces, its features, price, time frames, method of delivery and all other conditions specific to a given transaction.

3) Based on your answers to the questionnaire, we prepare export documents: for the US Department of State, US Department of Commerce and an end-user declaration. You will need to sign all three documents. In addition to sending us scans, we also recommend sending paper documents to our US address. An export license can be granted based on scans, but if the US offices require the originals, we could send them without delay.

4) We accept payment and then submit export documents to our ITAR licensing team. (Processing takes approximately 1-2 weeks).

5) After granting the export license, we pay our suppliers for the goods covered by the order with immediate transfers.

6) The goods are shipped to the provided address (Transport time 1-2 weeks).

*Please do not order individual pieces - we will not be able to fulfill the order. Refund may vary due to the costs of transatlantic transfers of funds.

**In the very unlikely scenario that the transport license will be denied, we will refund you the funds minus the cost of transatlantic money transfer and our costs incurred in applying for an export license (depending on the size and value of the order). What are the chances of a license being refused and why might this happen? Given the current geopolitical situation in the region, the chance of refusal is very slim because the United States wants NATO's eastern flank to be well armed. Denial may occur if the US Department of State detects negative information about the end user. For example, contacts with the services of hostile/unfriendly countries, contacts with terrorists, membership in international criminal organizations and the like.

We invite you to the cooperation!

Termowizja. Noktowizor. Noktowizor Wojskowy. PVS14. Luneta Termowizyjna. PVS 14. Termowizor. Noktowizor 3 Generacji. Noktowizja.
прилади нічного бачення. прилад нічного бачення pvs 14. прилад нічного бачення для зсу. тепловізор. купити тепловізор для зсу.
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